Real Women Have Curves – 86 min. DVD – PG-13 - USA

Ana, 18 yrs. must decide between leaving home to go to college in NY or staying home in CA, getting married and working in her sister’s struggling garment factory. At home she is bound to a mother who wants her to become someone she’s not, but at school she is encouraged by a teacher who sees her potential and adored by a boyfriend who loves her for who she is. Ana is about to discover that real women take chances, have flaws, embrace life and above all, have curves. Excellent film & meaningful story.

There are 2 scenes that are PG-13 - #1 a bed scene with Ana and her boyfriend with half their clothes off but the picture goes black at just the “ right time” – fear not. #2 takes place in the factory when the women strip down to bras and unddies – fear not, it’s fun.. ****Characters speak English or Spanish to each other – sort of ½ & ½ .


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