Mission Statement


New Hampshire Association of World Language Teachers

Established in 1967


The New Hampshire Association of World Language Teachers will serve and will represent all New Hampshire world language teachers.


Ø  NHAWLT will serve NH world language teachers:

·      Through its website: nhawlt.org which informs world language teachers about topics, opportunities and upcoming events of interest to them in their career. 


·      Through the yearly fall conference which presents workshops to educate and enrich world language teachers.


·      Through awards for Teacher of Excellence, Student of Excellence certificates and Poster contest winners. Through the Teacher of Excellence and Poster contest winners that receive a monetary award.


·      Through various grants for members attending national conferences as Best of NH, as NH delegates, and for other teacher award winners.



Ø  NHAWLT will represent NH world language teachers: 

·      At NH Department of Education meetings, when requested.

·      At various national conferences as a state delegate.


·      At various events when NH world language teachers need to have a presence.

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