Christine Ferguson
Pembroke Academy
Subject(s) taught with levels & grades

SP 1&2

Do you travel abroad with your students? Where?
not yet
Give a brief description of one activity you do with students that they LOVE!
Slide show of family and pet members. Description in Spanish. Present to class. Usually alter pix of family members so they look silly.
What are your hobbies outside school?
gardening, walking, biking
If you could rule the World Language Teaching World, what would you do differently?
Offer a one day workshop for Spanish Club/National Honor Society students to attend and network.  Make World Language mandatory to graduate.
What's your go to resource when you're stumped?
What do you like about your school?
friendly staff and willingness to help the Newbie
What's your favorite place?
Anything else?
Mindset is everything!

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