Jessica L'HommeDieu
Keene State College - Student Teacher @ Conval HS
Subject(s) taught with levels & grades

Spanish freshmen - seniors

Do you travel abroad with your students? Where?
Give a brief description of one activity you do with students that they LOVE!
involving music in my classroom, having students sing along and dance
Name one song that you use with your students that they LOVE!
Duele la corazon - Enrique
What are your hobbies outside school?
working out, checking out new restaurants, hanging out with my family
If you could rule the World Language Teaching World, what would you do differently?
Make everyone love Spanish!
What is your go to resource when you are stumped?
What do you like about your school?
Small community so it's nice and strong
Favorite dessert
Anything else?
 My favorite word is chévere and I like to run and hike

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