Jennifer Keefe
 Kennett High School
Subject(s) taught with levels & grades

FR gr 7&8 FR II gr 9&10

Do you travel abroad with your students? Where?
 Yes, France
Give a brief description of one activity you do with students that they LOVE!
 My students love Kahoot when there are few minutes left in class, it's a great way to review vocabulary.
Name one song that you use with your students that they LOVE!
Etienne - Porquoi take French
What are your hobbies outside school?
 hiking, spending time w/family
If you could rule the World Language Teaching World, what would you do differently?
Start WL programs younger for all
What's your go to resource when you're stumped?
Word Reference or Collins French
What do you like about your school?
I like that our students are able to begin languag in 7th grade - wish we could start even younger, and of course I like living in the White Mountains.
What's your favorite food?

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