Sharon LeBrun
 Manchester Central High School
Subject(s) taught with levels & grades

French 1-4

Spanish 1-4

Do you travel abroad with your students? Where?
 I brought a group to France years ago.
Give a brief description of one activity you do with students that they LOVE!
 A.  We do a scavenger hunt for school supplies vocabulary. They like getting to move around.   

B.  Also, they enjoy baby pictures with 10 imparfait sentences about what they used to do when they were younger. 

C.  We also do a project about Jacques Prévert's "Déjeuner du matin". We read it aloud in class and learn some history about it and hypothesize about different relationships that it could be talking about. Then, students have the option of either writing an original narrative poem in passé composé or working with a partner to act out while reading aloud "Déjeuner du matin".

Name one song that you use with your students that they LOVE!
 Dernière danse by Indila
What are your hobbies outside school?
 Gardening,  spending time with my kids
If you could rule the World Language Teaching World, what would you do differently?
More old school sort of repetitive activities.  My students actually ask for them but our text doesn't have a lot so I supplement or make up my own. 
What's your go to resource when you're stumped?
 Fellow language teachers
What do you like about your school?
What's your favorite bilingual joke?
 Guy 1 to Guy 2 on Pont Neuf, "Dont jump! That's inSeine!"

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