Erin Robbins
Hollis Brookline High School
Subject(s) taught with levels & grades
I teach Spanish levels 1-4, but taught AP for a few years when I began teaching high school in 2010.
Do you travel abroad with your students? Where?
Yes, I organize a trip to Costa Rica for my students every 3 years. We include a service learning activity (restoring the coast by planting mangrove trees along the shore), a visit to a local school, tours to a coffee & a chocolate plantation, and many adventurous activities such as ziplining, white water rafting, hiking, and a visit to natural hot springs.
Give a brief description of one activity you do with students that they LOVE!
My students love playing Kahoot. If you have never heard of it, you need to visit & check it out! I make as many Kahoots as I can because it's a great tool to formatively assess students in an anonymous way.
Name one song that you use with your students that they LOVE!
Bonito by Jarabe de Palo. I use it with my Spanish 1 classes to teach adjective/noun agreement. They love the beat, try to see how many words they can sing along to (he sings super fast!), & they love the silly video.
What are your hobbies outside school?
I love spending time with my family whenever I can & like to stay busy outside of the school day. For example, I coach Varsity Softball & the bowling team at HBHS. I also play slow pitch softball on 3 different teams from the spring to the fall. I love traveling, painting, and taking day trips to Boston or Southern Maine.
What is your favorite thing to dress up as for Halloween?
Dressing up for Halloween is a big deal at our school & a competition for best student costume and best teacher costume is awarded at a school wide assembly every year. I have dressed up as as flamenco dancer, Frida Kahlo, and a pregnant skeleton! I won with my pregnant skeleton costume (mostly because that was how I announced to everyone that I was having a baby!)
What do you like about your school?
I LOVE the students & my coworkers. I am so fortunate to have the best department on the planet. We support each other, work well together, & even hang out together outside of school. I was married last summer (2015) and my entire department was there to celebrate with me- how special!
What's your favorite bilingual joke?
What if soy milk is just regular milk introducing itself in Spanish?
Add anything else you would like!
I was married last summer to my husband, Joe, & we had a baby at the end of April! Her name is Layla Joy Robbins and has stolen our hearts with her smile. She is such a happy baby & we are absolutely in love.

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