Certification and Re-certification Tips for Teachers:  Janis Hennessey

Dear Highly Certified Teachers!

I recently had a conversation with Virginia Clifford, the Head of Credentialing, about the re-certification process: goals, inquiry question, self-eval (aka - long writing passages) vs counting the hours. She said the DOE had wanted to give teachers independence in deciding what they needed to become a better teacher using the write-up's, however, they have received many calls about the confusion of when is enough,enough? What am I really suppose to do? Why is my school doing this in a different way from another school? And, what really counts? And, this is taking me way too much time that I don't have, what can I do to shorten the write-up? The DOE has received many called from both teachers and Admin about all the confusion. And much more. She said it has been a mess.

As a result, Ginny said now the DOE will accept BOTH. What does that mean?

1. Within an SAU, different schools may do one way or another. The principal or superintendent may decide what all teachers in a school or district will do.

2. Within a school or department EACH teacher may decide to do the write-up's OR  count the hours (exactly like before - same number of hours and same categories.) Unless the Admin has decided that all teachers will do it one way.

3. Within the 3 year cycle, a teacher may do one year of hours and another year of write-up's.

4. However, the teacher may NOT do a mix of write-ups and hours within one academic year. That would be way too confusing.

If you have questions, you can contact the DOE or you can contact me. 


Checking a teacher's certification: The other day Ginny sent me the new DOE link to check if a teacher is certified. You would used this link, which is also at the DOE site, to see if a teacher who is applying for a job is certified. It can be used for teachers who "say" they have certifications in different areas.

It's very easy:Select the area of certification then first and last names and Voilà. The DOE tells you the teacher's cert # and the dates of his/her cycle. I tried it on "Janis Hennessey". I am happy to tell you that she is a certified teacher. 


Jan Hennessey, NHAWLT Board

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