Twitter for Professional Development:  Kara Jacobs - (Download this helpful hint as a PDF)

Twitter for Professional Development? Here are some ways that you can use Twitter for Professional Development at your finger tips:

Twitter is a great way to read short tweets in another language. You can read about news, weather, popular culture, sports, and personal information. Although tweets are limited to 140 characters, many people tweet links to articles, blog posts, pictures and/or videos, so there is actually much more reading and exploring that can be done. Search for some newspapers, famous people, companies, sports teams, or anything else that interests you and follow it. Many of the things that you read, you can even use in class. This is a great way to be reading authentic language on a daily basis, but easy to do even if you are very busy.

You can also search and follow hasthtags (#). A hashtag is used on Twitter to say, “hey, I am talking about this, and other people are too, so let’s use this #word to keep track of our ideas.” A few great #s for language teachers to follow are #langchat, #SpanishTeachers, #FrenchTeachers, and #authres (authentic resources). There is even weekly “chat” related to teaching languages every Thursday at 8:00. If you search #langchat, you will see the tweets streaming by. It can be a bit of a challenge to keep up at first, but even just “lurking” can be good professional development.

There are also some amazing, progressive teachers on Twitter who are sharing and collaborating on a daily basis. Follow some of them and start developing a PLN (Professional Learning Network)! Here are some to get you started. I apologize that they are mostly Spanish and French teachers!

@senorg (ACTFL Teacher of the Year)

@dr_dmd @sylviaduckworth



Non-language specific:

If you don’t already have an account, sign up at Don’t be an egghead, put a nice picture of yourself. And write a short description of yourself and what you will use the account for. Then, start following people, “talking” to them by mentioning them (@...), retweeting people, and sharing interesting resources, ideas and/or documents.

I hope to “see” you soon! - @karacjacobs 

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