Goya at the MFA:  Janis Hennessey

Goya - Order and Disorder

Last weekend I went to the HUGE exhibit of Goya at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA. It took my husband and I 2½ hours to slowly see it all. WOW! It was like total immersion Goya . We had the audio-video device which was amazing. It had general information about each room which had a theme of his art or media and spoke in detail about several works in each room. Plus you could hit a "go deeper" button for even more information and video. They are $4 for students. If you take K-12 they are called "youth" and the cost is less than "students" who are in college. I highly recommend the audio-video device for anyone who goes.

The exhibit really was Goya from the beginning to the end of his life and in every media he used and every theme he used in his art. If you take students, you will not take 2½ hours, but if they listened only to the  general information in each room and then looked around at all the art in the room, I would give them 1½ hours to go through all the rooms. There are many rooms!

We were very, very impressed. I don't remember this much Goya when I was at El Prado. The MFA is the only place in North America where this show will be and it is so worth the visit. If you go to they will have more details and samples from the interactive tour. It just started and goes into January.  NH students enter free. 10 students for each chaperon and they have to stay generally together. The kids may not eat in the MFA cafe, they need to bring their lunch and have a reservation for a special room which has a fee or go to a restaurant. The major cost is the b-u-s! I encourage you to go and to take as many Spanish students as possible who of course know something about Goya.

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