Cindi Hodgdon is the 2017 NH World Language Teacher of the Year. (Seen in the picture with her family at the Edies’ ceremony.) She received the NH Department of Education Edies’ Award for her excellence as a German teacher at ConVan High School where she expanded and invigorated the German program. Cindi is known for her networking extensively on behalf of her students. She is technologically savvy and keeps her students engaged with learning through German music videos and Skyping with students in Europe.

Cindi manages the student exchange program with Salzburg, Austria. She has a STEM orientation and brings in German guest speakers from various universities. Her students benefit from her rigor of learning by consistently receiving awards in the National German Exam and the NH Foreign Language Poetry Recitation Contest. NHAWLT is proud to congratulate Cindi Hodgdon as the 2017 World Language Teacher of the Year.

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