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I am a New Hampshire teacher and I wanted to share my thoughts with you in hopes that you will take action to protect all students and all teachers.

  • NO Teacher should carry a gun.
  • This ridiculous idea is dangerous for the teachers and the students.
  • Students might get the teacher’s gun and shoot someone on purpose or accidently.
  • If a teacher killed someone, the fatal shooting’s psychological impact is huge.
  • What good is the teacher’s hand gun vs the shooter’s AR-15.
  • The Police who rush in will not know the difference between the teacher carrying a gun to protect the students and the criminal. The teacher could be shot.
  • A trained team of competent security personnel is essential for the safety of all schools. Teachers are NOT the security team.


  • Ban ALL guns like the AR-15s.
  • The sole purpose of AR-15 type guns is to kill people.
  • An AR-15 is not a hunting rifle to put food on the table.
  • The Founding Fathers were dealing with muskets when they wrote the Constitution. 
  • The bump stock should be outlawed.
  • Limit the amount of ammunition a person can buy, and stop manufacturing 30-round (or even 10-round) magazines.
  • No one should be allowed to carry a concealed weapon, except law enforcement.


Thoughts and prayers don’t cut it anymore.

It is time to support kids, not guns. It is time to act, not react!


Jean Shaheen & Maggie Hassan: NH Senators


Carol Shea-Porter – House Rep. southern NH – She can only receive & reply to email from her district.


Anne Kuster – House Rep. northern NH – She can only receive & reply to email from her district.


Paul Ryan – Speaker of the House


Mitch McConnell – Speaker of the Senate


Chuck Schumer – Minority leader - Senate


Nancy  Pelosi – Minority leader - House


White House  - President

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