NHAWLT Executive Board Officers

Usula Askins-Huber, President


Molly McCrum, Past-President
  Nancy Girald, Treasurer
  Julia Dutton, Past President and Student of Excellence Awards



Jo-Ann Belanger, NHAWLT Boutique 
Mary A. Chamberlain, Past-President
Patricia Chiquelin
Michael Clauss, Webmaster and Registration
Karen Cox, Creative Teaching Contest

Rebecca Fortgang, Outreach

  Cindi Hodgdon, Awards and NHAWLT Member Spotlight

Janis Hennessey, Past-President

Lina Lee, Awards

Jorge Abril Sánchez, Social Media



I. NHAWLT Board of Directors   (as stated in the NHAWLT By-laws)         

A. There are 14-15 members on the Board:

·        A Board member is a currently employed full-time or part-time World Language teacher in NH and a member of NHAWLT.

·           Possible exception (meaning that the Board may decide per situation): A Board member may be a substitute WL teacher who is actively seeking a WL position or who is on leave.

·        A Board member who has retired from teaching may continue to be on the Board as long as the person is an "active" member according to the “Responsibilities and Duties of NHAWLT Board Members.

B. Election of a new member to the Board:

·        Candidate will be a current member of NHAWLT.

·        Candidate will attend one meeting to see what goes on and to meet the Board.

·        Candidate will write a letter of interest explaining reasons to join the Board and what they could contribute to NHAWLT.

·        The Board will share their thoughts on their qualifications of the candidate and vote to elect or not to elect the candidate based on letter of interest and feedback after the meeting. This may be done by e-mail.

C. Responsibilities and Duties of NHAWLT Board Members:

·        Attend at least 4/5 of all Board meetings. The Board meets in February, April, July, September, and the last day of the conference each year. If a meeting is cancelled it will be rescheduled by the President immediately. Supplementary meetings may be held as needed at the discretion of the President.

·        Respond to e-mails in a prompt and timely manner.

·        Participate in the responsibilities dealing with the Conference.

·        Assist with judging the poster contest.

·        Contribute to the Board as an officer, committee chair or assistant, or special project coordinator, according to time and talents.

·        Notify the President when unable to attend a meeting, the Conference, or unable to fulfill duties. 

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