~  Creative Teaching Contest  ~              

Based on the conference poster contest survey results, we have replaced the “Poster Contest” with the “Creative Teaching Contest”. There is no poster contest.


  • Theme – There is NO theme!  
  • Participation: The teacher must be a member of NHAWLT.
  • The Contest is based on the teacher’s curriculum during the year.
  • There is NO out of class work for either the students or the teachers
  • The teacher selects one of the three categories below and sends NHAWLT one creative project he or she feels best illustrates learning a language with the focus of that category.
  • Submission Deadline: October 1, 2020 (You'll hear back from us by November 30th)


  • Creative Teaching Categories:  


               Speaking  - Such as but not limited to: presentation,  conversation,  recitation

  • Work may be done by individuals, groups, or whole class


               Writing  - Such as but not limited to:  Fiction, non-fiction, poem

  • Work may be done by individuals, groups, or whole class


               Visual    - Such as but not limited to:  paper, digital, wall display

  • Work may be done by individuals, groups, or whole class


  • ALL Languages and ALL levels may participate.


  • Project may take place inside or outside of the classroom. Anywhere!


  • The Winning project will be evaluated on:


  • Creativity - Something different than other teachers are doing.
  • Student engagement – Students are learning without noticing they are learning.
  • Language learning outcomes – students advance within the language or cultural understanding.
  • Seeing students’ artifacts from the project would be helpful in judging the value of the project. They do not have to be the best ones. Do not send originals. (Take a picture or send a video.)


ONE Winner per category: Each teacher will receive $50 to spend as he or she wishes.  


  • Winner: The teacher and students will be showcased at the NHAWLT site and in the President’s spring newsletter.
  • Winner: NHAWLT will present the teacher with a:  

                 Certificate of Creative Teaching For The Best (Speaking, Writing, or Visual)  Project of 2020


         The Winner’s students will receive a:

                   Certificate of Creative Accomplishment For The Best (Speaking, Writing, or Visual) Project 2020


The teacher will inform NHAWLT if the certificate is for individual(s) or for the class.


The project may take place anytime during the school year, however the project information form must be submitted by October 1.



Click here for the Contest form.               Please, fill out the form in English.

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